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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: 10-QT Paint Sealant is a high-tech non-abrasive polymer sealant. This quick dry formula combines superior, long lasting gloss with maximum durability. This is the latest defense against fading and oxidation caused by environmental contaminants and harmful ultra violet exposure from the sun. Paint Sealant is best applied with an orbital buffer by hand. May be applied with a variable speed polisher. VOC compliant.

DIRECTIONS:  Shake well.  Apply a thin layer of product to a small area and buff with an orbital polisher at low rpm.  By hand pour a few drops of Paint Sealant to a clean wax applicator. Apply to finish in a back and forth motion with light pressure. Allow to haze and remove excess with a clean dry cloth.  Paint Sealant may also be applied with a variable speed polisher and a foam finishing pad at 1000 – 1200 RPM. SURFACE APPLICATIONS: Clear Coat, base coat, single stage, and acrylic paint. Highest best use on new or late model vehicles.

ADDITIONAL USES: Excellent on RVs, boats, motorcycles, bikes, ATV’s, and other painted surfaces.

HELPFUL TIPS: Use the Clay Magic® detailing bar to remove all surface contamination prior to applying Paint Sealant. Restore finishes on pre-owned vehicles with Auto Magic® compounds or polishes prior to Paint Sealant application.


SKU: 10-QT
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